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7700 Wright Rd.
Houston, TX 77041


Removal & Application in Environmentally Controlled & Compliant Facility

Houston, Texas

Located along HWY 290 and Beltway 8, our 10-acre facility includes six separate climatized bays (22,000 sq. ft.) and 5-acres of staging and lay-down yard.

Our Blasting/Coating facility is set up to provide surface preparation, coatings application and fireproofing of:

  • Structural Steel and miscellaneous steel fabrications
  • Pipe Spools, Pipe Supports, Pipe Fittings and associated items
  • Fabricated Equipment and equipment components
  • Small to Large Vessel and Tank Coating and Linings
  • Fireproofing of structural members

Facilities Operation – Surface Preparation and Coatings Installation

Our facility includes sandblast-paint, metalizing, fireproofing and insulation. We can meet your surface preparation requirements using steel shot or a variety of media including sand, steel grit, aluminum oxide, star blast, glass bead and slag abrasives. We blast, coat, fireproof or insulate piping, vessels, structural steel, heavy equipment, bridge decking, light/transmission poles, fleet trailers and OEM products.

Sutton specializes in the application of sophisticated coatings and linings. With the ability to fully control temperature and humidity, difficult systems are applied year-round. Our applications include waterborne and solvent based coatings, alkyds, epoxies, enamels, correcote underground coatings, phenolic, urethanes, vinyl esters, coal tar, plural component products, polyureas, bitumastic polyurethane, inorganic and organic zincs, arc and flame spray metalizing, and belzona and ARC ceramic filled coatings. Our coatings substrates include galvanized metal, aluminum, concrete, cast, wood, fiberglass, iron and steel, and ductile iron.

Our clients typically deliver items such as steel works, equipment, pipe, valves and other components directly to our facility where our employees can provide timely, efficient service. Our facility can accommodate vessel and component size and weight capacity that is only restricted by what can be moved on the highway systems. With 10-acres of available yard space and six separate climatized bays (22,000 sq. ft.), it’s no wonder so many companies rely on Sutton for their industrial abrasive blasting, painting and fireproofing needs.